• Field Day 2021 in the Shelter at Rock Bridge State Park.
  • BCARES Meeting – First Tuesday of the month @6:30 PM
    at the Boone County Emergency Communications Center

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®) provides emergency communications to “Served Agencies” such as the Office of Emergency Management, the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the National Weather Service, hospitals, and others as agreed in each county. The 114 Missouri counties and the City of Saint Louis are grouped into nine ARES® districts. Boone County is in District F. Many ARES® teams also provide communications for public service events such as marathons, parades, bike riding events, and boat races. The FCC prohibits any Amateur Radio Operator from accepting payment for these services.

The BCARES club is fortunate to have a strong working relationship with the Boone County Office of Emergency Management and the Boone County Joint Communications Center/ 911 Dispatch located in the Boone County Emergency Communications Center (ECC). The Center has provided an Amateur Radio Station in the Dispatch center, consisting of 5 amateur radios and four computers. We have implemented the following configurations:

SHARES/General Purpose station with a TS-2000X HF/VHF/UHF/1.2 GHz radio, Pactor 4 modem, USB-Signalink , and desktop computer.

Winlink HF Gateway with TS-2000 radio USB-Signalink, and desktop computer

Winlink RMS Packet gateway with V71 VHF/UHF radio, 9612 TNC, and desktop computer

D-Star VHF/UHF radio

D-710G VHF/UHF radio with desktop computer, displaying APRS map and serving as VHF/UHF communications.